8B bolig og værksted for kunsthåndværkere og designere inden for tekstil og keramik som drømmer om at starte egen produktion

8B is a small art and design ‘colony’ of sorts, where textile artists and ceramics artists can become absorbed in their work and experiment with their artistic expression. This sets in motion creative development and the production of first works, which are then featured in an art exhibition.

Artists and designers live and work in the former general store of Unnerud, carefully remodelled for its new purpose and close to the town of Egebjerg in Odsherred Municipality. The workshops, common areas, private rooms and garden create a relaxed and informal framework for creativity and further development of individual styles. The artistic community within 8B provides inspiration and invites new collaborations.

8B Kunst i brug (meaning ‘art in use’ or ‘applied art’) is run by volunteers who, together with artists residing in Odsherred, provide an opportunity to draw upon experience, when it comes to exposure and the sale of artistic works.

If you are interested in coming to the see the house and facilities, you are welcome to contact us via email or telephone on the bottom of the page.


8B consists of three general parts: workshops, common areas, and living quarters. On the ground floor there is a textile workshop with facilities for printing and knitting, a ceramics workshop and a common workshop area with wet room, bathroom, shelves, etc. In the common area on the lower floor there is a large kitchen dining area with room for 12 people as well as a large living room, which can be used in connection with workshops or seminars.

The residential part of the lower floor consists of three rooms that are rented out separately with one workshop space and a shared bathroom and toilet. The upper level is presently under renovation and is expected to be ready for use during the first half of 2019. Located here will be a workshop for weaving, an art library, a common area, a large rooftop terrace with a fantastic view of surrounding natural areas, two single rooms and a shared bathroom.

An annex is being renovated and is expected to be finished during the first half of 2019. The annex will be designed as an atelier.


8B is situated in Unnerud, a little group of houses about an hour’s drive from Copenhagen in a beautiful part of the Egebjerg peninsula. Unnerud is situated 700 meters from a beach where a bathing bridge is set out each summer and it is 2 approximately two kilometres from Ulkerup forest and Stokkebjerg forest. It is an active country town with fourteen families of all ages. There is a community dinner once a month and a number of common activities during the course of the year.

In Egebjerg, some 2 kilometres from Unnerud, there is a grocery store called Dagli’ Brugsen and a primary school. Located here is also the ecological community, Fri & Fro as well as Egeskoven, which is currently being established. More information on activities and other possibilities on the Egebjerg peninsula can be found here: http://www.egebjergonline.com

The nearest larger towns are Vig and Nykøbing Sj., which are both located 9 kilometres from Unnerud. In Vig there is a gym and a cinema, where Filmlandet has its office. From Vig the train departs for Holbæk from where there is a connection going to Copenhagen.

In Nykøbing you can likewise take the train and there is also a gym here. There are also several ateliers, functioning workshops and the possibility of buying and selling local products. Located in the middle of the pedestrian street is Odsherred Theatre, where apart from the shows of the permanently affiliated artists there are several different guest performances. For more information on activities and possibilities in Odsherred have a look at http://www.visitodsherred.dk


Odsherred has a varied and lively milieu for art and applied art. There are many combined workshops and galleries throughout the area. Some can also be found in more concentrated art milieus such as at the harbour in Nykøbing Sj. and in Vallekilde. Additionally, there are recurring events such as Ovnhus and Pinseruten, where local artists and guests join forces in exhibiting and selling their products.



On visitOdsherred.dk you can read more about the many initiatives, workshops, artists and galleries in the area.


As a resident of the house you will be part of the vibrant local and professional network. Concretely the ceramist Martin Nybo and the three textile artists Kristine Skov Cancar, Sofia Hagstrøm Møller og Anne-Marie Lykke Bang Testrup-Friis will help to establish sparring with local and other relevant artists through their professional network.

Martin Nybo http://martinnybo.dk/

Kristine Skov Cancar http://www.strictlyknit.com

Sofia Hagstrøm Møller http://www.sofiamoller.com

Anne-Marie Lykke Bang Testrup-Friis http://www.lykkebang.com